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My RV Resource

It’s like the Yellow Pages for RV Services!

Company: My RV Resource

Location: Tampa, Florida


If you’ve considered living out your traveling dreams on the open road, welcome to the club. Thousands of Americans have made the decision to enjoy the RV and camper lifestyle and in recent years, the freedom and independence have led to the demand for such a lifestyle has grown even more. Putting emphasis on the “more”, it’s easy to see how the COVID-19 pandemic reinvigorated an interest in the industry: driving many individuals to search for safe and controllable means of travel as well as an opportunity to avoid the headache of the mandated bureaucracy of airlines. And given the ever-changing restrictions to travel and employment, RV ownership may suddenly seem appealing to those who have never given it serious consideration previously. 

For new hobbyists, searching for and obtaining the right Recreational Vehicle for your specific needs can go from exhilarating to terrifying in a matter of minutes. Especially if you don’t know what to look for. And then, what are you even supposed to look for? Is owning an RV even worth it for your needs? If so, you’ll obviously want a nice look and style that’s reliable. How do you educate yourself on everything? How do you check the fullness of your propane tank, fresh water tank, and differentiate that from your gas tank? There is a myriad of things that you’ll want to consider to make the best decision for your needs. 

Luckily, there are resources available for new RV enthusiasts, there to ensure your peace of mind when making the important decisions that go into your experience out on the road. Take Jason and Lisa of My RV Resource.

With over five years in business, this family duo has assisted hundreds of new drivers and has inspected over 100 different brand new RVs for FEMA as a disaster relief service for people affected by both Hurricane Florence and Irma. In addition to hearts for helping others, the couple both hold Master Certifications from the NRVIA (National Recreational Vehicle Inspection Association). They complete a majority of their work in the central counties of Florida, and they specialize not only in RV inspections but in repairs as well. Jason is an RVTI Certified Technician and was a recipient of their 2018 Service Excellence Award.

With you’ve hit the jackpot of information including, educational tools, articles, and local resources for full inspections and repairs. 

Recently, I sat down with Jason and Lisa Carletti to find out more about My RV Resource. Below is our conversation.

TSN: My is a unique brand in the RV world. What would you say are the key differentiators of your company and brand?

MRVR: We believe that My RV Resource is different from others because we aren’t focusing on one specialty of RV service providers. We have over 6,000 company listings across 13 categories including certified RV inspectors, RV repair including mobile technicians and RV repair shops, RV training including RV driving instructors and new-to-you RV orientation, RV storage locations, RV towing and transport companies, and RV detailing (washing/waxing), RV dealers and manufacturers and RV parts suppliers.

My RV Resource has also recently added Classified ads where businesses can post open job positions needing to be filled. Additionally, the public and businesses alike can list RVs for sale. There is no charge to place a classified ad on the My RV Resource online directory.

TSN: Apart from your website, are there any other platforms aiding to put the word out there and increase awareness? 

MRVR: Our main business is My RV Inspection, based in Tampa, FL. We’ve been certified RV inspectors since 2017 and have performed over 700 inspections between the two of us. In July 2021, we earned our Master Certification as the first RV inspector couple, with Lisa being the first female Master RV Inspector in the United States.

My RV Resource is quickly gaining traction because we’ve had press releases published on RV News, RV Pro magazine, and RV News Daily. Recently, we were also delighted to be shared as an FMCA Pick in a member’s only email put out by Family Motorcoach Association. That information was then shared into a few forums and private Facebook groups. 

TSN: Address the listing process into the platform. Do you review the listed companies on a regular basis? 

MRVR: With over 6,000 company listings, it’s quite daunting to think about reviewing each of them in a methodical way. There are many companies that are listed but are “Unclaimed.” 

We always review a company when they add or claim their listing or when a consumer suggests that we add a company to our online directory. After that, we continually move through the list as time allows.

TSN: There is an option for consumers to recommend companies to be listed on the online directory. What steps do you take to ensure that you have listed companies that are fully functional and operational? 

MRVR: We utilize the same vetting process to review any companies suggested by a consumer or another RV service provider. This includes, but isn’t limited to, researching their online presence like websites and social media channels, checking BBB records and Google reviews as well as reaching out personally in some cases.

One of the main reasons we started My RV Resource was to help smaller businesses increase their online presence so this information isn’t always readily available. Ultimately, those obstacles are exactly what we’re aiming to solve for the consumer.

TSN: What are the different membership levels for RV Consumers? 

MRVR: Currently, we have an open platform so anyone can use the map or the category buttons on the homepage to find an RV service provider across the US, including a few in Alaska and Canada.

There’s no requirement to log in for these Honorary members and they can browse all company listings and access the content library and blog posts.

Consumers have the option to log in and become Partner members for free. This allows them to add honest ratings and reviews, suggest companies added to the directory, and inquire about services via quote request forms found on every company listing page.

Another feature is the ability to perform advanced searches to help find the right RV service pro for the job.

TSN: Are there any perks that a partner member enjoys such as discounts on services offered by the listed companies? 

MRVR: My RV Resource is working diligently to discover additional benefits to pass along to both consumers and RV service pros. Currently, our biggest benefit is having all the listings in one common website which is unparalleled in the industry.

TSN: As a business, it would be ideal if all the members took up the paid plan membership. What perks and options do the paid members get to enjoy? 

MRVR: Honorary service pro members are important to us and enjoy unlimited location changes, quote request forms, and reviews that travel with them. My RV Resource also includes analytics on the member dashboard so all RV service pros can see how many clicks and visits their company listing page is getting.

Featured membership includes company contact information on the company listing page. This includes the email address, phone number, and business hours as well as links to a website and social media channels. Not only are they featured on the My RV Resource homepage, featured members have the ability to set a Service Distance Mileage up to 500 miles so they show up on more searches.

Our most popular membership level is the VIP and it includes all the benefits of the other two levels. Becoming a VIP member is an easy way to increase brand exposure, receive the most online visibility and quality leads with the least amount of competition on their company listing page as possible. 

In addition to being featured on the homepage, VIPs also receive a free leaderboard display ad on the My RV Resource homepage and get access to industry-specific resources and programs, some of which are still being developed. 

What most RV service pros enjoy as a VIP, is that My RV Resource does some of the marketing for them like sharing their company listing page as well as a spotlight blog article that’s shared with our audiences on social media and through email marketing.

TSN: Is it possible for an RV company that is not a member and is not listed to place ads on your site? What is the procedure and cost for placing ads on the site? 

MRVR: Our advertising packages are affordably priced and include RV service pro memberships to increase exposure for the RV service provider. Having the minimum Honorary membership allows My RV Resource to share our advertisers within our email platform which also increases their reach to both consumers and other RV service pros.

Placing ads is easy and includes ad analytics on the member dashboard so advertisers can keep an eye on the number of views and clicks their ads are getting. 

For the most up-to-date pricing and procedure, please visit

TSN: There are articles shared in the content library found on the community platform. Is there an opportunity for customers to write articles for payment and increase awareness of the site? Can you elaborate more on your process of vetting the content that goes onto the community platform for accuracy?

MRVR: My RV Resource welcomes community content from both consumers and RV service providers. That said, we reserve the right to only publish content that is accurate and is in line with the My RV Resource community standards.

We typically feature posts on the homepage and sometimes pin the articles at the top of search results for a certain length of time depending on the volume of content received. If the approved content is contributed by an RV service provider or advertiser, we link to their company listing page. My RV Resource shares community content in our newsletters and on social media with credit given to the author.

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