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Top 10 Reasons Self-Storage Operators Should Invest in RV and Boat Storage

By Mini Storage Outlet

The self-storage industry is a lucrative one for today’s entrepreneurs, with many economists and financial professionals deeming it “recession-resistant” due to the fact that demand remains steady even when the economy takes a dive. RV sales have also soared in recent years, especially during COVID times, but even as the pandemic simmers down, sales remain stronger than pre-pandemic times.

With the explosive popularity of RVs comes an increased need for RV storage, and this makes now a great time to invest in a self-storage facility that accommodates these large, heavy recreational vehicles. Why might you want to consider investing in RV storage units for your self-storage business?

1. They have high profit margins

Renting RV storage space is often easier and requires lower-maintenance than renting residential spaces, and this leads to higher profit margins. You don’t have to do extensive cleaning when a tenant moves out of an RV storage unit. You can also still collect money from other storage units when one is vacant, ensuring you continue to see a steady revenue stream even when a customer vacates.

  1. They generate reliable income

Compared with a traditional self-storage facility, RV storage tenants are often more reliable. It is not uncommon for a renter of a traditional storage space to abandon the space and everything inside. This is unlikely for RV renters, who are leaving valuable assets inside your building.

  1. They are a smart pandemic-era investment

RV sales exploded during the global COVID-19 pandemic, as many regular travelers decided to forgo air travel in favor of hitting the open road.

  1. There is a gap in the market

Many states across the nation are experiencing a shortage of RV storage space, and this lack of competition means good news for today’s self-storage investors.

  1. There are increased RV parking restrictions across the nation

Many of today’s homeowners live in multifamily housing or under HOAs that restrict them from parking RVs outside their homes or apartments. This is becoming an increasingly common practice among homeowner’s associations and is exacerbating a need for safe, secure places to store these assets.

  1. They appeal to a fast-growing demographic

In 2020, the largest number of RV buyers fell within the 45 – 64 age range. As these individuals inch closer to retirement, they may have more money available to buy expensive RVs they’re willing to pay to protect.

  1. They can also house boats and other toys

While customers are willing to pay a premium for safe, secure RV storage, facility owners may also be able to use these storage units to house boats, motorcycles, food trucks and other toys and vehicles.

  1. They’re easy to add to existing self-storage facilities

One of the reasons many investors opt for steel self-storage buildings is because they are flexible and easy to adapt or reconfigure. Existing self-storage business owners may be able to adapt their spaces to allow for RV storage without much effort or expense.

  1. They draw high-income renters

While traditional storage units attract renters with a wide range of incomes, RV storage units tend to attract customers who have money to spare – meaning they are more likely to pay rent on time each month.

  1. Covered storage space commands a high price tag

Purchasing an RV involves a significant investment, and many RV owners want to store their RVs under steel roofs, as opposed to behind fences or in fields. This is particularly true in areas prone to heavy rain or snowfall. Customers are often willing to pay a premium for storage space if it means their assets will retain much of their resale value.

Top 10 Reasons Self-Storage Operators Should Invest in RV and Boat Storage

Mini Storage Outlet is a national supplier of self storage buildings and mini storage complexes. We are the exclusive supplier of Regency Storage Systems. Our pre-fabricated steel building kits are designed for Self Storage Buildings, Climate Controlled Storage Facilities, RV Storage Units and Boat Storage Buildings. Our employees bring vast experience and established relationships in the self storage industry and can help you every step of the way. More info:

Billings Facilities Get Upgrades

As Montana’s largest city, Billings is a part of Yellowstone County, in south-central Montana. The city lies about 16 miles from Laurel and seven miles outside Lockwood. The opportunities for outdoor recreation are infinite in Big Sky Country, making RV and Boat Storage a practical venture for any entrepreneur. 

Below Mini Storage Outlet previews buildings that were engineered for a repeat customer in Billings. In addition to the photo album of the buildings, more details, features and specs for the building and property follow. 

Top 10 Reasons Self-Storage Operators Should Invest in RV and Boat Storage

Top 10 Reasons Self-Storage Operators Should Invest in RV and Boat StorageTop 10 Reasons Self-Storage Operators Should Invest in RV and Boat StorageTop 10 Reasons Self-Storage Operators Should Invest in RV and Boat StorageTop 10 Reasons Self-Storage Operators Should Invest in RV and Boat Storage

Top 10 Reasons Self-Storage Operators Should Invest in RV and Boat Storage


Regency Steel Buildings secured these (6) pre-engineered steel mini storage buildings for a repeat customer in Billings, Montana.

Combining rugged durability with low costs of ownership, the (6) buildings together create a self-storage complex that generates a steady revenue stream for its owner. All of the self-storage buildings were constructed using reliable, sustainable steel components.

These (3) mini storage buildings were constructed during the first phase of construction in June of 2015. The first of the (3) buildings stands 40’x200’x8.5’ and has a 0.5:12 roof pitch, and houses (40) 10’x20’ rentable storage units. The second building stands 10’x200’ in size and features a single-slope design as well as (31) 10’x10’ rental units. The third building is designed to house RVs, and as such, the 40’x126’x16’ building contains (9) 14’x40’ units to accommodate varying RV sizes.

Distributed throughout the (3) buildings are (80) 9’x7’ doors and (9) 12’x14’ Janus doors with closures along the tops and bases. All (3) buildings also feature 2 ¾” R-8 fiberglass-faced insulation. Additional project features include all bolts, screws, hardware and base anchors, a sealant package, (3) sets of Montana engineer-stamped drawings included, 29-gauge partitions and roof and wall sheeting, trim and bracing. The mini storage buildings also have 26-gauge colored walls and durable, corrosion-resistant 29-gauge Galvalume roofs.

This mini storage building was constructed in August of 2015 as phase two of the storage facility construction process. The 20’x200’x8.6’ mini storage building boasts desert-colored wall panels and white doors with burgundy trim. Overhead is a single-slope roof with a 05:12 pitch and base-clip design, and inside the pre-engineered building are (20) 10’x20’ rentable storage units featuring (20) 9’x7’ Janus model 650 doors along the high sides.

These two buildings were constructed in mid-January, 2020. The first mini storage building is 40’x42’x16’, offering high overhead clearance that accommodates oversize storage needs, while the second storage building is 30’x72’x11.5’.

Protecting the interior of the self-storage buildings from above are rugged Galvalume metal roofs with subtle 0.5:12 pitches, and found throughout the first two buildings are (9) framed openings that offer renters access to their respective units. They also have (6) 10’x10’ framed openings enclosing (6) 10’x10’ mini storage doors and (3) 12’x14’ framed openings, each featuring one of (3) 12’x14’ doors.

Other customizations made with respect for Montana’s cold, snowy winters and sometimes-extreme climate conditions include a 115-mph wind speed rating and a 43-pound snow load.


Billings, Montana
Yellowstone County
Job Type
Exterior Access Mini Storage Buildings
Number of Buildings
Total Square Footage
Number of Units
Building Sizes
Roof Pitches
Roof Sheeting
26 Gauge Galvalume PBR
Wall Sheeting
26 Gauge PBR
Wind Speed
115 mph
Snow Load
43 psf
Building Code
IBC 12
(6) 10’x10’ Janus Model 650 Roll Up Doors

(100) 9’x7’ Janus Model 650 Roll Up Doors

(12) 12’x14’ Janus Model 1000 Roll Up Doors

Insulation Type
(3) Buildings – 2 ¾” R-8 Fiberglass Insulation with WMP-VR Facing
Additional Features
Gutters and Downspouts

More info:



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