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7 Tips To Share Boat-Storage Clients for Getting a Boat Out of Storage

Boat sales in the United States reached their highest level in more than a decade in 2020. Boat owners will enjoy all the benefits that a boat can bring, especially during the summer months. In the winter, however, they may not use their boat at all. If they’re not using their  boat for long periods then the best idea is to keep it in boat storage to protect it from the elements.

Once spring comes around, boat owners will be ready to get their boats out of storage again. Read on as we take a look at seven useful tips for when it’s time to get their boat out of storage. As the facility operator, you can provide these tips to your boat-storage tenants to help them in the process, a resource they will really appreciate!

1. Reconnect The Battery

When you store your boat, it’s important to disconnect the battery. If you leave your battery connected over winter, then when it comes time to get your boat back out on the water again, you’re going to find yourself with a dead battery on your hands.

Ideally, you should give your battery one last charge, then remove it and store it in a cool, dry place over winter. You might also consider charging the battery once a month or leaving it on trickle charge.

When it comes time to get your boat out of storage, reconnect the battery again. Check that the terminals are clear of any debris before you reconnect them.

2. Replace The Oil

When your vessel has been sitting in boat storage facilities for a long period of time, the oil is going to separate and thicken, especially in cold weather.

This oil isn’t going to be ideal for keeping your boat engine running smoothly. The best course of action is to start off the season with fresh oil that will keep your engine in peak condition.

It’s also worth changing the oil filters before you get out on the water, too.

3. Look For Any Corrosion

Storing your boat in an indoor boat storage facility is the best way to keep it protected from the elements. Left outside, your boat may be subject to corrosion from cold and wet weather.

Even if your boat has been stored indoors, there may still be some corrosion due to exposure to moisture in the air. Take the opportunity to look for any signs of corrosion, especially around any electrical connections.

Any corrosion can disrupt the flow of electricity and impact the working of your boat’s systems.

4. Clean The Fuel Tank

Another of the most important post-boat storage ideas is to clean out the fuel tank after a period of storage.

Debris and sludge can settle in a fuel tank if it is left unused for a long period. The last thing you want is to have this sludge flowing through your engine; it can lead to poor engine performance or could even cause your engine to cut out completely.

Take the time to completely clean out the fuel tank. This involves flushing out the fuel which will clear out much of the sludge along with it. If you isolate the fuel tank from the engine you can also use a pressure washer to get rid of any hard-to-remove sludge and leave your fuel tank in tip-top condition.

5. Check Safety Gear

It’s not just the boat itself that needs checking over when you bring your boat out of storage.

One of the most important things you should do is check that all of your boat safety gear is in order. The last thing you want is to discover that some of your safety equipment is defective when you need it the most.

Your safety equipment should include:

  • personal flotation devices such as life jackets
  • throwable flotation devices such as lifebuoys
  • fire extinguishers
  • visual signalling devices such as flares
  • audio signalling devices such as horns and whistles
  • bailing devices
  • cell phones and radios to call for help if needed
  • working running lights
  • charts and compasses
  • first aid kits
  • anchors and boarding ladders
  • spare fuel

6. Check The Propulsion

If your boat is powered, then the propulsion system is key; without it, you won’t be able to go anywhere.

Check out the propellers and look for any cracks or other damage. You should also be on the lookout for any dings or defects in the shape of the propellers; if the props are out of shape they won’t be as efficient and you’ll be using more fuel than you should be.

7. Clean Inside and Out

The final thing you should do before you take your boat back out on the water is to give it a thorough clean inside and out.

This is particularly important for the exterior of your boat. Keeping your hull clean helps to protect it from corrosion or other damage. Even if you cleaned the exterior of your boat before you put it in storage, it’s a good idea to give it a thorough clean again.

A power washer is an effective way of removing any debris from the exterior of your boat and ensuring that it’s as clean as possible.

Once you’re done with the exterior, give the interior a thorough clean too. Even if your boat has been stored inside, dust and other debris will build up. You’ll get far more pleasure from your boat if it’s clean inside and out.

Are You Looking for Boat Storage?

If you’re looking for RV and boat storage in Kingston and Kitsap, WA, then we’re here to help.

We offer both open and covered boat storage that protects your watercraft and helps to ensure that your vessel is kept protected from the elements. Our state-of-the-art facility is fully fenced, with keypad access, and under video surveillance. Lots are accessible seven days a week, from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Check out our site tour to learn more.

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