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RV Inspections: Informative Details That Storage Facilities Need to Know

RV inspections are becoming popular.
RV inspections are becoming popular for private-party sales.

It’s no secret that the RV industry is booming and independent, pre-purchase RV inspections are becoming more popular for buyers and sellers alike.

Tenants who store their RVs at storage facilities are listing their RVs for Sale and smart buyers are requesting third-party inspections from Certified RV inspectors. Chances are, everyone is wondering: is it possible to perform an RV inspection at a storage facility? The short answer is yes, RV inspections are being performed at RV storage lots all the time. 

However, there are times when a reputable RV inspector recommends that the tenant move the recreational vehicle to an RV campground or state park. This may cause undue stress on the RV storage tenant since time is of the essence when selling an RV. 

If an RV storage facility does not have adequate space and the appropriate hookups, the buyer and seller must work together to reserve a local RV spot. The seller must coordinate the transport of the RV before and after the inspection.

All of this takes precious time away from the sale of the RV itself, not to mention negotiations or repairs and exchange of funding afterward.

What Is an Independent RV Inspection?

RV inspections are similar to a home inspection or a boat survey for recreational vehicles. RV inspections typically last a minimum of five hours but could take upwards of ten hours for a high-end coach. Oftentimes, it requires a two-day reservation off-property.

Most consumers don’t think twice about having a home inspection or boat survey. Because RVs are being manufactured and sold at record numbers, it’s extremely important to have the RV thoroughly inspected prior to purchase. This is true for brand-new units as well as used motorhomes and towable RVs. 

Find RV Service Pros at My RV Resource – It’s Like the Yellow Pages for RV Services!

Considerations for RV Inspections

In order to provide the most thorough RV inspection report possible, there are many things to consider. When an RV inspection client contracts with an RV inspection company, they are typically given information to share with the RV seller on what’s required to perform a thorough and complete RV inspection.

An RV Pre-Inspection Checklist typically includes:

  • Ample space to extend slideout rooms and awnings
  • Room to safely move a ladder around all sides of the RV 
  • The appropriate RV power supply – 50 Amp or 30 Amp
  • Hooked up to a city-water supply
  • Hooked up to RV sewer connections
  • Enough fuel to run the RV engine or RV generator (if equipped)
  • Plenty of LP (Propane) gas to run RV appliances during testing

Additional Sources of Revenue for RV Storage Facilities

RV Inspections

Campgrounds and state parks are being inundated with RVers especially during peak seasons. 

Lots of indoor and outdoor storage locations already have these amenities in place so it seems natural to market to tenants and other RV owners. 

RV storage facilities could potentially rent bays or spaces for single-day use specifically for RV inspections or RV Training like new-to-you RV Orientations or RV Walkthroughs

RV Detailing

My RV Resource lists thousands of mobile RV detailing companies across the US (including Alaska) and even a few in Canada. Why not contract with some of these companies to provide those services?

RV storage companies could even hire on-site detailers and provide the services themselves to increase revenue.

Mobile RV Repair

There are critical shortages across the US and Canada for these skilled RV service providers. You can find Mobile RV Technicians or RV Repair Shops nearby and contract with them. 

Or better yet, post an RV Job Listing on My RV Resource and hire an in-house RV tech who can perform maintenance services. Most RV storage tenants would happily pay a little more for end-of-trip or start-of-season open and closing services.

RV Parts & Accessories

Any RV owner will admit that they always need RV Parts & Accessories at the most inopportune time. They may not admit that they need RV-themed pajamas or RV-themed key chains, but they’ll be happy to score unique RV-related souvenirs. 

If the RV storage facility is equipped with a storefront, shoppers will jump at the chance to buy RV-related supplies and accessories.

RV Towing and Transport

Plenty of RV owners and RV dreamers are in need of services that can transport or tow their campers and motorhomes for many reasons.

My RV Resource also has RV Towing and RV Transport companies that can be approached for possible affiliation.

Membership and Advertising Opportunities

Becoming a member of My RV Resource has many benefits to the RV storage owner. With thousands of unique visits per month, it’s well on its way to becoming the one-stop shop for RV consumers and RV service pros. In fact, nearly a third of all searches and “Quote Requests” are coming from RVers who are looking to store their RVs.

RV Inspections Final Thoughts

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach a highly-specialized audience within the RV industry.

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